Purchase process of a property

Buying a home can be an easy process if you have the support of a professional and serious agency. At RE/MAX Golden Mile we offer a complete and personalized service, backed by our network and organizations at national and international levels.

Qualification of the client

Investing time in a good qualification of the client is something basic for us. Understanding your real needs and your economic possibilities brings us closer to meeting your expectations faster.

Plan and carry out the visits

In general, after a good qualification, the visits begin. The list of homes to be visited must be taken into account, so the client must indicate their availability in the area. A professional will show you at most three properties a day, so you do not get tired quickly.

Purchase conditions

If financing is required for your purchase, at RE / MAX Golden Mile we have agreements with the main Spanish financial entities, such as La Caixa, Sabadell, Banca March, among others. We have preferential treatment channels so that our clients obtain the best conditions.


When you have decided on a property, before you purchase it, a summary of the title for information purposes by the Land Registry is reviewed. This document reports the ownership and status of the property, and above all, if it is free of charges, debts and liens. At the moment in which the contracting parts, seller and buyer, are in agreement with the conditions of the sale, a private contract of sale is signed that allows to reserve the property under the conditions that have been stipulated by the parts. Usually a deposit of 10% of the agreed sale price is required, as long as no different agreement has been made.

Public deed

It is the moment in which the contractors raise to public document the agreements taken through the previous private contract of sale. Previously to the elevation to public document of the private contract, the agency is in charge, together with the officers of the notary, of the verification of the documents corresponding to the operation, among which the payment of community fees is confirmed, request the proof of payment of the real estate tax (IBI), the energy certificate is checked…



After signing the public deed of sale there are some steps to follow for both the buyer and the seller, such as paying taxes, registering with the Property Registry, or changing the owners in the community of owners, among others. Nor should we forget to put in the buyer’s name the supplies that affect the home. In our agency, if the client prefers, we rely on several expert advisors in the management of post-sale transactions, to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.