Process of selling a property

When a property is for sale, there are many factors that can help you do it quickly and with the best possible conditions. For example, we have professional tools that facilitate knowing the real estate market perfectly, as well as the ways to attract, filter and treat the potential buyer.

Sales contract and its service guarantee

Before the sale process begins, an order is made with the real estate agent, which reflects the way in which the property will be worked. For example, at RE / MAX Golden Mile we are committed to the actions of the marketing plan that will be carried out to sell the home. We call this a service guarantee, which provides objective indicators of quality services that are offered to the client (professional photo reports, home staging, posters, advertising, campaigns to obtain visibility, online positioning …) and through which we can guarantee their satisfaction

Marketing Plan

In principle, at RE / MAX Golden Mile we offer our clients a comparative analysis of the market and the real appreciation of the property. Our main tool, whose real data comes from the Land Registry, keeps us up to date to know first hand how the market evolves.

We have online and offline advertising, with good quality photos. We invest to achieve reach and visibility of the target audience that may be really interested in the property.

We also make an effective qualification of the buyer client thanks to our sales team, in order to act as a filter and prevent the client owner from losing the most valuable resource that is available: time.



When a property is at the right price, it receives many offers. That is because the experience and knowledge of a good realtor in that process of the sale is really crucial. Our tools and the continuous training our agents receive help us to know what is the ideal price for a property and to be able to act accordingly.

Private contract

Once the buyer and the seller have negotiated, the buyer is required to make a payment on account. This contract will finally be formalized as a public document, as required by law and as long as the parties so decide..

Public document

It is the moment in which the contractors raise to public document the agreements taken through the previous private contract of sale.

Previously to the elevation to public document of the private contract, the agency is in charge, together with the officers of the notary, of the verification of the documents corresponding to the operation, among which the payment of community fees is confirmed, request the proof of payment of the real estate tax (IBI), the energy certificate is checked …

* The relevant tax payments are taken into account.

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