Why RE/MAX Golden Mile?

Our vision, mission and values

We are the real estate agency in Tenerife specialized in providing market needs with results, integrity, team spirit, excellence and fun. 

RE/MAX is the number one real estate franchise worldwide. The fact that “Nobody sells more properties in the world than RE/MAX” is based on the results that the agents have had for more than 40 years, due to client’s confidence in our services.   


We want to be the best alternative for real estate professionals in Tenerife and for their clients. This thanks to our organization providing the best service, ethics and sense of honor, making the real estate market on Tenerife more professional.

Our mission is to encourage our real estate agents to develop their full potential and grow together. As well as advise our clients to achieve their real estate dreams.


Continous training

an essential pillar

The specialized training represents one of our pillarsto enhance the quality of our service. This improves the skills of our agents thanks to continuous training and mentoring.

The first intensive training is compulsory. The new agents will receive theoretical and practical training. This is how they can learn the basics of real estate marketing.

Then, we also haveface-to-face workshopsevery week. They provide all our agents the best tools to ensure that all agents are at the forefront of innovative techniques and services in the real estate industry. We also receive speakers from RE/MAX España on a regular basis. In this way, the international Education is completed as a specialized consultant. We also have webinars that can be done in a telematic way through an e-learning system.

Our agents have a global network of over 120,000 workmates worldwide,which translates into opportunities to work, make referrals or develop professionally with colleagues working under the same code of ethics.

The Golden Mile office


Golden Mile has its office in the area of the privileged Golden Mile street, from which its name comes. The most touristic, demanded and exclusive street in the South of Tenerife.

We offer various services representing an indisputable support for our agents.

We have a professional teamspecialized in each of its departments. We have legal advice, monitoring operations, positioning and visibility, HR department, cutting-edge technology, high quality magazine, the best market conditions for our customers mortgage, and many more tools that facilitate better performance! Into our agents daily routine, they have the support of the following profiles:



the fundamental pillar that brings its experience and knowledge to all departments and to each one of its agents.



Offers guidance and accompaniment in allbureaucratic procedures (offers, deposits, notaries…) so that our consultants fully dedicate themselves to their commercial activities.



Our psychologist with postgraduate in Human Resources is constantly looking for collaborative human capital, which represents opportunities toimprove and maximize results.



Responsible for communication and marketing online, helps to build and enhance the brand image. Provides visibility and digital positioning to each of the campaigns and properties of the office.



Helps manage the client and real estate international and national partners portfolio of our agents. Provides visibility and offers support to the entire team.

Our agents are differentiated by their commitment to continuous training, values and ethics. We love those profiles that want the highest level of leadershipand professional development. They aspire to enjoy economic freedom and their own time management. Even to those who want their own real estate start up. This succes-oriented attitude is what we want, in order to enrich their initiativeand help them to be more productive and happy people.

We start from working as a real estate agent is to help people with their needs in the field of real estate brokerage. And to achieve this great goal, many actions are carried out that facilitate it.

  • Becomeexperts of the market.
  • Work in the new properties that they are going to sell.
  • Carry out marketing plans .
  • Manage the needsand trends of the real estate market.
  • Advise their clients.
  • Close the sales of the properties in their portfolio.
  • They obtain the maximum autonomy of an entrepreneur who works for himself.
  • They promote themselves before a network of contacts at national and international level.
  • They take advantage of technological and marketing tools.
  • They have professional and specific training,with no added cost.
  • They have the support of the professional staffof the office and the international support of RE / MAX.
  • They take advantage of the positioning and visibility of the brand.
  • They implement a code of ethics.

The income is directly proportional to the attitude, training and businesssupport of the agents. They can be autonomous agent or be a team leader as an experienced agent. You can be an independent agent within the real estate sector or be a leader of a team as an experienced agent.

At Golden Mile we work with the highest percentage of fees for our services,6% of the total value of the sale of the property. Of this amount, 40% is for our consultants from the beginning, but as you increase your billing you canget 45 or 50% of the fees at no cost.

For example, for a house of € 200,000, the minimum fees for our consultants would be€ 4,800 to € 6,000.

Would you like to be part of a successful team? Contact us now! Call now at 922 791 743 or fill in the following form and we will get in touch with you.