What documentation I need to present?

If you are not a tax resident, please contact us and we will study your case.

  • • ID card, passport, NIE, residence certificate (owner / s).
  • Work contract
  • Three last payrolls
  • Updated working life
  • Updated income statement for the last two years
  • Bank movements of the last six months.
  • Updated simple scriptures or notes of all properties held in Spain.
  • Justification document of other income.
  • In case of having loans, justification documents. Also the amount of capital that has to be amortized, and the last 3 paid receipts.
  • In case of divorce, regulatory agreement and act / divorce decree
  • Rental contract and the last 3 receipts paid.
  • In case of personal monetary contribution, justification document.
  • Last IRPF and sealed payment letter.
  • Rent certificate for the last two years.
  • Banking movements of the last 12 months.
  • Updated work life certificate.
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months.
  • Certificate of contribution base.
  • Other justification documents of incomes.
  • Split payments of the IRPF of the year.
  • Latest Social Security payment receipts.
  • In case of personal monetary contribution, justification document
  • It is recommendable to have a dossier full of information about your business, experience, best clients and all the qualitative information that allows to demonstrate that you are an expert. .
  • In addition to the same personal documentation as for employees. (Identifying data, etc) (Identifying Data, etc.).
  • In case of personal monetary contribution, justification document.
  • Three last IRPF. Deed of incorporation of the company.
  • Three last corporate taxes.
  • Three last affidavit and quarterly documents of the current year.
  • Work life certificate.

In addition to personal documentation, banking, etc.

  • Company tax, if you are required to have it.
  • Balance and updated profit and loss account.
  • Deed of incorporation and other deeds of the company.
  • Information on the main customers, suppliers, position in the market and other quantitative and qualitative data that prove the solvency and professionalism of the business.
  • In case of personal monetary contribution, justification document.
  • Justification document the pension (notification of the revaluation of Social Security or the last 3 receipts of the same).
  • Last IRPF and sealed payment letter.
  • In addition, the rest of the general documentation for all cases: identification documents, bank movements, etc.
  • In case of personal monetary contribution, justification document.

If you want us to process your mortgage consult the necessary documentation. We'll take care of The rest.

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